Akida was a trainee for Tesara, and their "third", in spirit.  He acts as a catalyst for Gresh's future successes in the arena.

Akida 1

Early Life Edit

During the Core War, Akida served as a skilled combatant. He at one time fought in a futile retreat, fleeing from Vastus and Kiina's combined forces. He managed to hold his own against Kiina, and fled with his company. When Vastus and his forces later returned, he managed to flee with his comrades and get to safety.

On another occasion, he fought against Zendra and Iron Wolves that she commanded while he was being led by Certavus and Gelu. The three managed to escape with their lives, but were unable to kill Zendra or her late backup, Surel.

Bara Magna Edit

Akida was constantly present in Tesara after the Shattering. He was skilled, but held back for Gresh, who was deemed by Vastus of being more eager a warrior, one who would better represent the village, one who wasn't stained by the sins of war. He became a mentor to Gresh, and watched as the young warrior grew into a more competent fighter.

He was present in Tajun at a handicap tournament and defeated Tarix with ease in the arena. He later fought a Skrall to prove himself in his own village while Gresh and Vastus were prohibited from fighting for the day due to money issues. Akida fought valiantly, but was slain, begging Gresh to avenge him, which he did.

Abilities and Traits Edit

Akida was a very down-to-earth figure who genuinely loved his village.  He had few problems with being more skilled than Gresh, yet lower than him in the social system.  He saw the younger Glatorian as an apprentice, and looked over him for some time.

Akida was fast, and strong.  He was even able to defeat Tarix in battle with a weapon not to his liking.  He was greatly skilled, but not skilled enough to defeat a Skrall.

Weapons Edit

Akida carried a katana in battle.