Atakus is a warrior Agori for the Rock Tribe.
Atakus in Roxtus

Early Life

Atakus worked support for the Skrall army during the Core War.

Bara Magna

After the Shattering, Atakus found his way to Roxtus where he became a city guard, guarding the entrance to the city. He once met with Tarix, Strakk and Gresh, and allowed them passage. He later met Mata Nui and escorted him to the arena to fight Tuma, before Tuma's death.

Abilities and Traits

Atakus is a brutal Agori who often guards Roxtus, even from Glatorian.  Fierce, brutal, cocky, and arrogant, he will do anything for victory, and tries to do anything he can to exhibit the Skrall and mimic them in every way.


Atakus carries two glowing, alien technology swords.