The "Baterra" are shapeshifting assassins created by the Great Beings to forcefully end the Core War.  They became a much feared opponent from the Skrall.


When the Core War wouldn't end through peaceful means, the Great Beings created the machines as weapons to forcefully end the war. Their machines went after any armed combatants, attempting to slaughter them all to end the war, and make everyone else drop their weapons. They went rouge, and soon started to slaughter everyone as functioned, but couldn't be stopped.

They began to butcher the Skrall en masse. Tuma feared for his people, and relocated his entire army to Roxtus, hoping to conquer Bara Magna so as to make room so they could outmaneuver the machines.

A handful of them attacked Iconox, but were destroyed.

More of them were captured by the Holy Spherus Magna Empire, reprogrammed, and sent to attack Bara Magna. Kijori met up with them and started to battle them, destroying all of them with his skills.

Abilities and TraitsEdit


The Baterra use shape-shifting weapons, mostly blades.