Congelo is the aged leader of Iconox.

Early Life

Congelo presumably acted as support in the Core War. He also became friends with a warrior named Urik during this time. At one point during the War, he worked at Outer Shadow.

Bara Magna

After the Shattering, he found his way to the White Quartz Mountains, where others of his tribe were gathering. He helped to build Iconox and became an early leader, and continued to become leader on and off for a good deal of time. He remained close to Urik during this time.

He would regulate battles in the village and send warriors out as needed. He became impressed with Certavus and became distressed with the shifting of his warriors, through death or through leaving the Glatorian system. Eventually he was forced to promote Strakk to primary Glatorian and start to ignore Urik in order to focus on keeping their warriors strong.

During the Grand Tournament, he was a referee. He watched in horror as Urik was killed in the arena, and became silent and somewhat detached after it. He tried to return to normal, but had problems. After the Skrall invasion, he returned home, and later called for help when the Baterra struck.

Holy Spherus Magna Empire

Following Mata Nui bringing Bara Magna together as an empire with the Skrall, Congelo sent out Agori to search for Surel, determined to get the old warrior as part of the new alliance. He also called for other Glatorian to come to the village to put the Agori populace at ease due to the large numbers of Skrall.

Later, Halix brought a mysterious warrior to him, claiming the man had no memory and wanted to make him a Glatorian for the village. Congelo gave permission to use the name of Urik for the warrior, in memory of his fallen friend. He also told Halix that he had improved, and may soon become primary Glatorian. He also mentioned that he worked at Outer Shadow, just like "Urik" had.

Abilities and Traits

Congelo is a reserved, quiet man. He knows when to speak, when to let actions speak. He's very well trusted and very wise, often looked to for advice by members of other tribes as well.


Congelo uses an ornamental sword and shield in an ice pattern.