The Core War was a major event on the planet of Spherus Magna.  All of the current Glatorian-with the exception of Gresh-and many others partook in various locations across the planet.  The war was lead by the six Elemental Lords, who often traded soldiers instead of weapons, and lead their armies in attempts to gain energized protodermis.  The end result of the war was the Shattering.

The War

The War took place across various locations of the planet, and the battles were typically only between two of the four factions-the armies of the Elemental Lords of Fire, Water, Jungle, Sand, and Ice.  Only occasionally would the Elemental Lord of Rock or his army be involved in major battles between these other armies.  They mainly battled against the Baterra during the War.

The energized protodermis was barely recovered.  Only small viles would be gathered, and used in experiments.  Sometimes springs of it would shoot up and overtake soldiers, killing them in brutal ways.  Only one known test was successful-on a Skrall who would later be named Branar.

Vastus quickly gained a reputation as a merciless killer.  Other soldiers would watch for him, and hate battling him.  His own men despised him, since he often sacrificed his own men to get what he needed.

There were specific villages scattered through the planet.  These villages would contain former soldiers who were too old to battle, and would live with those who were too young to fight-such as Gresh.  These villages were later razed by Vastus and Kiina and their forces under orders of the Elemental Lord of Water.

As the war progressed, Vastus was condemned by his own people, and in the final year, was imprisoned.  He was trapped in a fate worse than death until he was freed when the Shattering struck, which ended the war.  The Shattering itself was a direct result of all the battles taking place, and ripped the planet apart.  The soldiers would later become Glatorian, and fight for villages to avoid war.