Crotesius was once an Agori who would try to do anything for leadership, and became the second Agori to lead Vulcanus.

458px-Set Crotesius

Early Life

Not much is known about his early life, but it can be assumed he helped in the Core War with his army. At some point he became friends with Egil, a close friendship which lasted for many years.

Bara Magna

After the Shattering, he found his way to Vulcanus. Under Raanu, he began to rebuild life, striving to become leader someday. He was always close to becoming leader, but never able to attain the title.

Red Star

While helping to get Arena Magna ready for the Grand Tournament, Crotesius's companion Tarduk found a strange object. This object led Crotesius, Tarduk, and their other companion, Kirbold, on a long trip through Bara Magna's north-west, through Iconox, and into the unknown.

On the way, they encountered Surel, thought to be long dead. They also learned about the survival of the Elemental Lords, and the feud currently going on between the six of them. They were nearly killed multiple times by Lords and other dangers present through the uncharted areas of Bara Magna.

After a trip lasting many days, the three companions arrived at the end of the Valley of the Maze, and at the Great Being's Lab. They didn't stay long, and never truly solved the mystery. Crotesius eventually returned home to Vulcanus after a trip to Tajun as his companions reached the village again. He had taken a piece of something from the Lab as proof of its existence and hoping it could be used to secure his leadership of Vulcanus one day.

He started to plan with Egil, his close friend, and garnered support for a coup. He met with Raanu and attempted to assassinate him, but failed. He was sent to the arena for execution by Vorox. The Vorox nearly killed him, but he survived and was smuggled out to Tesara.

After Raanu was killed and shown to be a traitor, he became leader of Vulcanus. He allied the village with Malum in the event that Mata Nui should defeat Tuma and the Skrall, and also sent every Glatorian in his village against Mata Nui for training. He then sent Mata Nui to Tesara for another lesson from Vastus.

Holy Spherus Magna Empire

During a new attack by the Bone Hunters about seven months after he became leader of Vulcanus, he helped Perditus and many others to defend his city, helping to fend off the Bone Hunter threat.

Abilities and Traits

Crotesius is a great leader, one by nature. He's a man to be trusted, a man of action, and a man of honor. He holds his friends high, and would never let them down, just as he never lets his people down. He has ambition, but can be overzealous.