Cruor is the aged and constant leader of the Bone Hunters.

Early LifeEdit

Cruor led the Bone Hunters upon their formation, taking part in various battles of the Core War, trying to make a life for his people and himself. Eventually the Elemental Lords got sick of him and his people, and attacked with Vorox, trying to end his life. He managed to escape, but was severely wounded in the ensuing battles.

Bara MagnaEdit

After the Shattering, Cruor found various locations for the Bone Hunters to make settlements for themselves. He continued to send Bone Hunters out to fight and raid the villages, trying to cripple them with the constant attacks, just to also improve the lives of his people.

He would assign various Bone Hunters to attack, combining officers with other, normal bandits. He would not tolerate failure very well, as demonstrated by his treatment of Fero, until his death.

Eventually, he used his men to make a more permanent camp to the north. A group consisting of Mata Nui, Vastus, Kiina and Zendra attacked them, wearing them down, killing some of his best officers. When confronted by Mata Nui, he provoked the man until the Ignika was about to wipe him out, and continued until Mata Nui lost his focus, allowing him to flee.

Holy Spherus Magna EmpireEdit

After the departure of the Bone Hunters from Bara Magna, Cruor found his way to the Holy Spherus Magna Empire, deciding to join them since they accepted he and his people. Following the death of Guipere, Invado ordered the Bone Hunters to attack Bara Magna, where under Cruor's direct command, they went after Vulcanus. However, in the end, the vehicle forces of Vulcanus managed to defeat the Bone Hunters, doing damage to the ranks, but Cruor escaped with his life.

Abilities and TraitsEdit

Cruor is a wise and competent leader. He is a man of great skill, despite his weakness from age. He knows when to fight, when to flee, but also has a temper, and provokes when he feels like it, against better judgment.


Cruor carries a curved dagger most of the time.