Folium is the Agori leader of the Jungle Tribe village of Tesara.  He is a wise, middle aged leader who relies on a council of elders in Tesara, and values the great power of Vastus, and the unforseen potential of their other Glatorian.

Early Life

Little is known about Folium's early life.  Chances are that he didn't partake in the Core War, and if he did, he acted as support staff to whatever army he was a part of-taking the Elemental Lords activities of trading soldiers instead of weapons.

Bara Magna

Following the Shattering, Folium eventually met up with a group of other Agori of his tribe, and started to carve out civilization in the jungle that they found.  Soon, a group of elders came to the village to make residence with the rest of their people, and saw Folium's leadership potential, after he organized the work force.  They, in their wisdom, had the Agori announce him leader.

Folium was the first leader of Tesara, and then, 250 years later, another Agori took the position.  His leadership wasn't as good-it didn't live up to the standards.  Folium was put back in charge, and has subsequently been elected every year since.

After one hundred thousand years on Bara Magna, he promoted Gresh to secondary Glatorian, passing up Akida.  They already had Vastus as their star warrior, and only kept the three.  Over the years, Kijori would come and go as one of their warriors, but eventually left completely.

Eventually Vastus and Gresh fought each other after a small tournament in Tajun.  Vastus was clearly winning, and to keep Gresh alive, Folium intervened, and scolded Vastus.  He however allowed Vastus to train Gresh from that point on.

Folium would be present and oversee every arena battle in Tesara.  As the time of the Grand Tournament came, Folium acted as one of the three referees-only three, since Raanu's death.  He would be one of the overseers of the battles to come, and subsequently, see his tribe make it ot the semi-finals and the finals, despite losing to Stronius.

After Atero was saved, he returned to Tesara, and oversaw the battle between Gresh and Vastus alongside Mata Nui.  After Vastus won, Mata Nui left with new knowledge imparted with him.

Abilities and Traits

Folium is a wise and sensible leader.  He would lead Tesara as their greatest leader, and remain in control for nearly all one hundred thousand years on Bara Magna.  He wisely moderated his Glatorian, and eventually got rid of the council of the elders after seeing how bad they were doing for the village, leading it himself.


Folium always carried a dagger, and a leaf pattern shield.  He never saw actual combat, but used them in the arena to moderate fights.