Gresh is a young Glatorian in the employ of the Jungle Tribe of Tesara.  He is the primary protagonist in "The Bara Magna Chronicles, 2009" in the first half of the epic, and becoming the secondary protagonist in the second half. He once again took the role of primary protagonist in "The Bara Magna Chronicles, 2010".

Early Life Edit

As once put by Vastus, Gresh must be hiding sins of his past.  Being too young to participate in the Core War, Gresh resided in a small community with some who were too old to participate in the battles-mostly retired soldiers of past wars.

The man who watched over Gresh was an old, drunk, and cruel man.  Gresh would often watch the battles that happened nearby, sickened by the Elemental Lords, and the arms-trading of soldiers back and forth between the Lords.  He would then wonder about the war itself, and how long it would continue on, only to usually be late in returning, and be beat or abused by his "caretaker".

One night, his caretaker decided to kill him in a drunken rage, and attacked Gresh.  Gresh, in retaliation, defended himself, and in the process, claimed his first life.  He took the old, ceremonial armor of the man, and departed the home, only to meet a Vorox soldier, and get a ride away to a medical station in the north on the soldier's Thornatus vehicle.

What happened next Gresh still keeps to himself.  However, he was still too young to participate in the Core War, and presumably, never saw actual combat before joining Tesara after the Shattering.

Bara Magna Edit

At some point after the Shattering, Gresh found his way to the Jungle Tribe village of Tesara.  He trained under Vastus for some time, eventually being promoted by Folium to the rank of secondary Glatorian.

The Skrall Edit

100,000 years after the Shattering destroyed Spherus Magna, Gresh, Strakk, and Tarix were on their way to the Fire Tribe city of Vulcanus for a battle between Gresh and a Skrall.  On the way, they encountered the Agori named Berix being attacked by a Bone Hunter, who they later came to find out was the feared Fero.  A battle ensued between the three Glatorian, Fero, and his Rock Steed, Skirmix, which eventually led to the Bone Hunter's defeat.

The group of four soon reached Vulcanus, where a duel between Gresh and a Skrall from Roxtus began.  Gresh fought like a Skrall at a few points, fighting viciously, and actually managing to stay up for quite a while, the longest Glatorian as of yet against a Skrall.  Despite doing well, he was soon felled by the Skrall, as all others before him in the arena had been.

This encounter would eventually lead him to a long and terrible problem with the Skrall, and their leader, Tuma, as Gresh would become a target for them, upon the resolve of this affair.

Soon, the trio of Glatorian, the Agori Metus, and Berix would head towards Tajun, Tesara, and Iconox.  However, Malum-an exiled Glatorian-would use this chance as his excuse to attack the group-with use of his tribe of Vorox-in order to stop Gresh, Strakk, and the Agori, while Malum himself battled Tarix, for revenge from the arena.

By the end of the battle, Malum had won, and was going in for the deathblow.  Gresh intervened and quickly defeated Malum, making the exiled Glatorian wary of this newcomer, and desiring revenge, would later attack Gresh once more.

As the group escaped, they would soon find that their freedom was short lived.  After escorting Berix to Tajun, the group continued onwards, only to be ambushed by Bone Hunters, and taken prisoner. The group of Glatorian managed to escape from the Bone Hunters after some struggles to break their bonds.  A group of Vorox entered into the camp, and battled the Bone Hunters.  Regardless of what really happened, and why, the group managed to escape and ride hard towards Iconox, to finish their trip, and finally, to rest.  This was to be short lived, however. Metus received information, and, sent the three Glatorian on a suicide mission to Roxtus to rescue a trainee who was captured by a Skrall patrol.  Metus, not wanting to let his training go to waste, wanted the trainee back in Iconox, no matter what.  The payment was high, and Strakk decided to go.  In order to simply help, Tarix and Gresh both agreed as well. As they rode, they encountered a Bone Hunter leaving Roxtus.  Strakk cut him down as revenge for their previous run-in with the nomadic bandits, and, as a result, found a pass into the city, and, a map of Vulcanus's fortifications.  Moving on, they soon reached Roxtus, and managed to use the pass to get past Atakus and into the city of Roxtus, in order to do their job. They soon encountered an Agori who was looking for a Skrall in order to help defend Vulcanus.  After saving the Agori from the Skrall, the three added their seals to a contract, and, swore allegiance to Vulcanus for defense later against the Bone Hunters.  The three continued on, and set up camp for the night within a back alley of Roxtus, despite the obvious bad idea of it. In the middle of the night, a Skrall assassin attacked the three.  In a firelit battle, the three Glatorian managed to overpower and kill the Skrall, cutting him down, and taking the armor from the corpse.  As they traveled on, and found the main Skrall base in which Tuma resided, formulated a new plan. Using the Skrall armor, Gresh assumed the guise of a Skrall.  He walked in and encountered Stronius, and then, went on to find the prisoner.  He encountered another Skrall, but got past, and managed to open the cell and free Halix.  The two escaped into the armory and blew the wall open, escaping towards Tarix and Strakk, and the three Sand Stalkers.  Gresh gave his to Halix, and stayed behind to find his own way out. He was attacked by the Skrall prison guard, who was in turn slain by Stronius.  Stornius saw through Gresh's bluff with the greatest of ease, and attacked Gresh, only for the Jungle Tribe warrior to escape.  He fled and stole a Rock Steed, following a path that many Skrall had taken before him.  He tried to change his Rock Steed's path, but failed, and was doomed to go to wherever the Skrall mission was taking place at.

Certavus Edit

Upon arrival at the mysterious compound, Gresh fled from sight.  The compound in the center of the desert was like a tower, being dug out of the sandy earth of Bara Magna.  He tried to get inside via the top, but only succeeded in getting himself stuck, and then, knocking himself unconscious trying to get down, and falling all the way to the bottom, and being rendered unconscious on impact.

He later woke, undiscovered, hidden under the sand.  He entered the facility at night, and found torches showing mysterious markings along the walls of the nearly endless hallways.  After a few brief clashes with Skrall, he learned that the Skrall were to damage nothing.  He fled, and found a dead end, which yielded a passage to him that the Skrall had yet to discover.  He entered, and found a hidden chamber full of furniture, and a book.

Gresh would come to learn that this was the chamber of Certavus, while he lived.  This was the legendary Book of Certavus, and the entire structure was his hidden home.  He began to read the book and begin memorizing it, learning Certavus's techniques, and becoming lost in the book, unsure of how much time had passed.  Eventually, he departed, and made his way away from the compound, back to Tesara.

Upon his return, he came to learn that Vastus had departed to deal with the Skrall.  Apparently, they had come and taken Tarduk away as a hostage for an unknown purpose.  Gresh pieced it together, and departed to meet with Tuma himself.

The two met.  Gresh, and Tuma and a Skrall.  Gresh threw Tuma the Book of Certavus in exchange for Tarduk, but immediately had his hidden Agori companion fire a flaming arrow at the text, burning it before Tuma could read it.  Tuma and his Skrall pursued, but the three Tesarans managed to escape.

Two days later, Gresh set out towards Vulcanus to carry out his contract to Raanu.  He set out alongside Tarix and Strakk, and went out into the desert the day before the defense of Vulcanus was to take place.  As they traveled, they encountered a surprise attack from Malum and his Sand Tribe forces.  Gresh was grabbed by a Vorox, and dragged away, under the sand, and towards Malum himself. The battle between Gresh and Malum was quick.  As Gresh's comrades eventually made it to his position, he was quickly felled by Malum, and caught in a burning grip.  He was slowly being choked to death, and then, dropped to be left for dead from a combination of the oxygen deprivation, and, the burning attack that the rogue Glatorian had employed.

With his companions carrying him to safety, Gresh could rest in peace in a dug out sand dune.  There, his next trip began.  A trip into the deep reaches of his mind.

While unconscious, Gresh saw many things.  He saw Vastus and Certavus fighting each other.  He saw Vastus winning.  He saw Certavus winning, and came to realize that no matter what, Certavus was more powerful, and wouldn't lose to Vastus.  He then came to see a mysterious golden mask flying through space, which briefly spoke, but soon, hurtled away, towards Bara Magna.

In other parts of his vision, he saw what terrified him the most.  He saw a vine strangling a leaf, a sign that Vastus would stop him before he became too strong to defeat him, that it was only a matter of time until Vastus put Gresh down.  And then, finally, came the strangest part.

A vision of the future.

Gresh saw the Grand Tournament, still months away, unfolding.  His premonition showed him the battles that were to come, and, that if things went well, he would get his chance at Vastus, and a shot at the finals.  This raised Gresh's spirits, but, also, put a chill down his spine.

He awoke later, and with his companions in tow, set out towards Vulcanus with renewed vigor.

The next day the trio arrived.  While Strakk and Tarix went elsewhere, Gresh was taken towards healers for his wounds suffered from his battle with Malum.  He rested for some time, until the Bone Hunters their attack on Vulcanus.  He soon joined in the battle, fighting various Bone Hunters, and Fero, and helping to hold them away from the walls, and repel the attack.

During their time in Vulcanus, Gresh decided to depart from Tarix's company, and head alongside Strakk towards Iconox, in order to pay a visit to Metus, who was a mentor of sorts to Certavus in the past.  The two Glatorian set off towards the frozen village to pay Metus a visit.

Upon arrival, the two went to see Metus.  Metus confirmed the information after some time, but said that he would only part with Gresh's desired information if Gresh could best Strakk in the arena.  With the match set, the two went into the frozen, ice covered arena of Iconox to do battle.

After a few minutes, Gresh got the hang of fighting on an ice battlefield.  He engaged Strakk fiercely, going so far as to use his new techniques learned from the Book of Certavus to fight against Strakk.  It looked like a victory for the young Glatorian, but Strakk quickly finished him off, securing a victory.

Metus, moved by seeing Certavus's techniques again, allowed Gresh to hear the story of Certavus.  After a night of Gresh telling the stories he knew to both Metus and Strakk, Metus started to tell them both about the accomplishments of Certavus while he lived.

Shortly after, Gresh parted ways, and returned to Tesara.  Not long after, he set out for Tajun to partake in a "handicap tournament" which would hold bearings in the Grand Tournament of Atero.  He spoke with a Glatorian named Akida-also from the Jungle Tribe-and learned just what this tournament was.  Its purpose was to use new, challenging weapons to fight with.

When Gresh's turn came, he went into battle with a few shuriken.  His opponent was one of the trainees of Vulcanus, a young warrior named Calif.  They engaged in swift combat before Gresh discarded his shuriken and bested the other warrior with Certavus's techniques.  He looked to the stands where Vastus sat with Egil, Tajun's leader.  Vastus glared with hate at him, and set off to send a challenge to Gresh, for the knowledge of Certavus's techniques.

Upon returning to Tesara, after hearing Akida's victory over Tarix, Gresh met with Vastus in the arena.  The two entered battle for the knowledge of Certavus's repertoire of techniques, which swiftly ended when Vastus used his ultimate technique-the Heaven's Disaster-right into Gresh.  Gresh was nearly killed in the blow, but was saved by healers.  Never the less, Vastus won the fight with that blow.

Vastus began training Gresh, in order to keep the knowledge in his head safe.  The training was mostly about interrogation techniques and how to keep him sane in case of an opponent using torture to get information.

Later, Akida, Gresh and Vastus all gathered before Folium, and heard startling news.  Gresh and Vastus were forbidden to fight for the next day, due to payment issues.  Folium turned down their offers to fight for free against the newest opponent, because the council of elders forbade it.  The opponent was a Skrall, and Akida was the only one who could fight, as the best trainee-perhaps even better than Gresh was.

Gresh watched Akida train before the match, and then set off to train with Vastus instead of being able to watch his friend fight.  When he returned ten minutes into the fight, he saw Akida, near death, clutching only pieces of his sword, clearly defeated, but still fighting the Skrall.

Gresh intervened with Vastus and stopped the fight, conceding for Akida.  Akida begged Gresh to defeat a Skrall, and died in his arms.  Gresh swore to uphold Akida's wish, and carry Akida's memory on.

That night, Gresh met with Tuma and Branar in the desert.  Tuma offered him an out-the information from the Book.  Gresh denied, and challenged to battle Tuma instead.  Tuma turned him down and said he would send a Skrall the next day.  Gresh went off with the information from the Book as prize in the fight to come.

Gresh entered into battle the next morning, fighting viciously and using everything he could.  The attacks overwhelmed the Skrall, who was finished off by his own sword.  Gresh had used everything he could, and had slain the Skrall, showing that the Skrall weren't invincible, and fully avenging Akida's memory in the process.

Later, Gresh was challenged in Tesara by Zendra of the Fire Tribe.  She had just come out of an ordeal in Vulcanus, a siege from Bone Hunters led by Fero.  Having been promoted to secondary Glatorian, they quickly battled.  Using her new chain weapon, she quickly overpowered Gresh, and bested him.  She had fought fiercely, focused only on her job, despite being young, like Gresh.  She had no reasons for an attempted friendship, or being kind in any way.

Days later, Gresh had fought alongside Vastus and Strakk outside of Tesara against a group of Bone Hunters, forcing them to flee.  Strakk was there to fight one of them, but before Gresh could take the fight, Vastus had stepped in.  He watched in outrage as Vastus broke every tradition and code, fighting Strakk through the village instead of a regulated bout in the arena.

After trying to stop them without success, Vastus defeated Strakk.  Vastus was called winner, despite it not being a real battle.  Vastus left Gresh with the wisdom of the battle, and told him that's why he had fought that way, to teach Gresh.

A few days later, Tarix arrived in the village in order to have a rematch against Vastus.  The two champions fought fiercely with many watching-including Gresh.  The battle lasted a fairly long time, but ended with Vastus as victor in the battle.

One night later, while training with Certavus's techniques, he thought about his Skrall victory, and his technique-Certavus's finishing move.  He started to think back to the Core War, remembering his involvement, and how he became who he was.  Later, he saw a star shooting through the sky, thinking something off about it, but not going to investigate.

Had he gone, he would have found the Mask of Life, and Mata Nui.  And his vision would have come full circle sooner than planned.

Mata Nui Edit

Much later, on a visit to Vulcanus to witness Vastus, Gresh first saw Mata Nui, and recognized the mask he wore as the one from his vision.  He witnessed the battle with Vastus and Tarix fighting against Ackar and Mata Nui, and witnessed the solo battle between Vastus and Mata Nui, ending nearly with Mata Nui winning, but failing to be able to finish Vastus off, and succumbing to his wounds.  Gresh despised Mata Nui for coming so close to defeating Vastus, and would try to make him pay.

That night, as the convoy for Tesara was about to depart, Gresh was missing.  Eventually he appeared, and challenged Mata Nui to a battle, which Mata Nui accepted.

The next day, they set out for Tajun to do battle.  In Tajun's arena, the two entered into fierce, pitched combat.  Gresh fought like a Skrall, as some said.  He was determined to win no matter what.  But Mata Nui's wounds weren't enough to slow him down, no matter what Gresh did to him.

As the battle continued to rage on, Gresh did everything, including Certavus's finishing attack, which couldn't win.  He eventually ended up touching the Ignika, to which the Ignika took outrage.  Mata Nui stopped it from cursing Gresh, and instead, redirected the power to simply help Gresh's mind, to relieve the rage in it, and heal him faster as Mata Nui defeated Gresh.  This wouldn't help Gresh, however, as Mata Nui had intended it to.  Instead, it would give him a new power much later on.

Days later, Vastus created a team composed of himself, Zendra, Mata Nui, Kiina, and Gresh.  This team was to set out for the Bone Hunter camp, and destroy it.  On the way, the team encountered a monstrous machine called the Skopio, piloted by the insane member of a plagued tribe-Telluris.

The team of five fought against the machine, to little success.  Eventually, Vastus was forced to use Zendra's chain to swing up to it, and use his Heaven's Disaster on the body of the machine.  The powerful attack blew the machine out, bringing it down, and forcing Telluris to flee for safety.

Ackar soon arrived with a message for Gresh or Vastus.  Gresh volunteered to return to Tesara to deal with the summons, and left the party behind, riding with Ackar towards Tesara.

Upon his return to Tesara, Gresh ran into a terrible sight.  Every Agori, and the Glatorian trainee-Verin-were defeated and locked in chains or cages.  A slaver Agori of the plagued tribe-Sahmad-sat waiting for him.

Gresh entered the arena and fought valiantly against Sahmad.  He fought viciously, having Sahmad in a position he would die from.  Sahmad's Spikit blindsided Gresh as a cheap victory, taking Gresh down, and causing him to also become a prisoner along with the rest of Tesara, minus Vastus.

Vastus returned, bloodied and wounded from the desert, and fought against Sahmad.  Gresh was soon freed after Vastus claimed victory, and went about, helping others to get free.  The two Glatorian later met with Folium while Vastus was being healed.  While there, Gresh swore to win the Grand Tournament, and prove himself in the battles to come.  Folium told him to try, and to try to become better than Vastus.

Gresh later found himself, a few nights after, in a party consisting of himself, Mata Nui, Tarix, Kiina, Raanu, Berix, Metus, and Ackar.  The group started in the night into the desert, heading towards Atero.

That night, Gresh heard stories from the Glatorian and Mata Nui.  He came to learn Mata Nui's past with the others, and also, learned that Kiina was partially responsible for the murders of his friends in the Core War, for attacking the settlement where he had lived.  This outrage started a tear in their friendship, to Kiina's dismay.  He never got over this, but tried to move on.

During the next morning the group set out again.  They soon encountered Bone Hunters everywhere, and fought for their lives, fleeing in any direction, and trying to divide and conquer, all in order to reach Atero.  The battles raged most of the day, with the Grand Tournament starting later the same day.  Eventually, the Glatorian and Mata Nui all met back up with Raanu and Metus.

Bone Hunters had been calling for Berix, calling him their informant-the traitor.  Upon finding Berix in Creep Canyon, he was a corpse, dead from what looked like suicide just prior to their arrival.  Raanu attacked Mata Nui from behind, revealing himself as the real traitor.  Mata Nui deflected him, and left everyone against Raanu.

Raanu tried to turn Ackar against the others, but Ackar took his friendship with Mata Nui over what he knew Raanu was.  He cut Raanu's hand off, and forced Raanu to flee for his life.  Gresh and the others pursued, but Branar tried to slow them down with his elemental powers.  When they eventually reached him, Mata Nui slew the traitorous Agori and a group of Bone Hunters with the power of the Ignika.  The group set back out for Atero as soon as it was done.

The party was met with outrage over Raanu's death upon arrival, but soon, Metus calmed down the crowds.  Gresh entered the Tesaran section of seating and waited for his chance to fight.  His first opponent was Verin, who he bested with the power of Certavus in a fairly quick bout.  He would continue to give advice to Vastus, alongside Verin, in fights to come.

His second round fight was against Drak of the Water Tribe.  Drak set something off deep within Gresh, and he unleashed the Heaven's Disaster onto Drak, quickly putting an end to their fight, and leaving Vastus to question everything he had seen in the battle.

The third round was a match against Vastus.  Gresh learned the weaknesses behind his Heaven's Disaster, and learned what the Disaster truley was.  As the battle raged on, it looked clear that Vastus would be winner.  Gresh turned it around with a real Heaven's Disaster, and defeated Vastus after a long battle.  Nearly downed from exhaustion, he would soon go on to fight Stronius in the final battle.

Almost as soon as his fight with Stronius began, it ended.  He could no longer use the Disaster-or the Ignika variant-and was out of options.  Stronius put him down, and laughed, telling all about the rouse.  That the Skrall were attacking, and he was the delay tactic.  Outside, the entire army of the Skrall was moving in on Atero, ready to crush all opposition.  Inside, Gresh was about to be slain by Stronius.

Zendra used her chain to save Gresh.  She joined him, but neither was strong enough to fight off Stronius.  Stronius was about to go in for the killing blow on Zendra, but Gresh threw himself on top of her to save her.  Vastus intervened, saving both of them, and joining in the battle.

Soon, all Glatorian in the arena who could entered the battle.  They started to defeat Stronius, only for Strakk to be run through and killed by him.  The battle continued on, with more Glatorian entering the fight.  Soon, Stronius was worn down, and executed by Vastus.  As the Glatorian began mounting various defenses to assist Malum and his Sand Tribe forces outside, Gresh went to protect the back of the arena, along with Zendra.

After his attempt to save her, they were on equal footing with each other.  No longer did the hate remain from their battle in Tesara earlier.  They had a mutual draw towards each other, which Gresh pondered if it would evolve into something more.  Eventually, he and Zendra spoke of it, and discovered their mutual feelings.

Kiina eventually came back, telling them that the Skrall were retreating.  Gresh spoke with her before going after Zendra.  Kiina watched him go, thinking that she had lost him.  Lost the man she cared about to another, causing a hatred of Zendra to come over her.

Gresh returned to Tesara after the end of the incident in Atero.  Soon Zendra came as well, and they learned more about each other, and their feelings.  They needed to be able to fight in tandem, if Mata Nui failed in three days time against Tuma.

Gresh, as soon as Mata Nui arrived in Tesara, fought against Vastus in the arena.  He used everything he could from Certavus, but found Vastus to be too powerful, and he was defeated when his wounds were hammered.  Gresh begged Mata Nui to allow him to come to fight Tuma, to be able to help Mata Nui-despite still despising him, however, to a lesser extent-but Mata Nui turned him down, and departed towards Roxtus on his own, with the message from the fight in his mind, leaving Gresh and Vastus in Tesara.

As a result of his loss to Vastus, Gresh remains the secondary Glatorian of Tesara.

Holy Spherus Magna EmpireEdit

Six months after Mata Nui defeated Tuma and brought the Skrall under his control, Gresh was starting to have nightmares about Akida and the man's sacrifice, for some reason. During this time, he was constantly annoyed by Kiina, trying to change his mind about Zendra, using any argument she could to sway him. He was never swayed, and humiliated her at least once in Tesara while she waited, nude for him in his home. He continued his relationship with Zendra, even sleeping with her, and eventually went to Iconox to protect the walls and to put the populace at ease, since they still didn't entirely trust the Skrall.

He and Zendra arrived at Iconox and were greeted by Halix. The three Glatorian set out to patrol the walls. He, with his fellow two Glatorian, are currently engaged with a group of white clad Vorox and Agori Commandos of the Empire. Gresh battled through them-including Glaperov-and struck many down. As the battles continued, the Bara Magnan warriors nearly wiped out every opponent, forcing them to flee. When the Skrall tried to pursue the escaping Agori, Gresh stopped them, not wanting a bloodbath on their hands. He decided to wait for further orders, and with Zendra, went out to search for anything nearby that may be of help, or that they could learn.

He forced Zendra to hold off on her urges due to the approaching war. Whilst patrolling the walls of Iconox, he and Zendra briefly spoke on how long they would remain, Gresh saying as long as they were needed. As he continued on, he was targeted by an Agori Commando with a long ranged weapon in the distance. The Commando fired his explosive charge, but missed his target, and struck Zendra’s area, making Gresh scream for her and rush towards her. Gresh pulled Zendra’s body from the flames and left her with a Skrall.

He rushed out of the walls of Iconox after the assailant, eventually catching the Agori. He held the Agori at the tip of his tonfa, questioning him, demanding to know who had sent him, and who the target was. He learned that the Empire had sent the Agori, specifically Saga, and that Gresh was the target, after learning he was a threat. Gresh offered to spare him if he would lead him back to the Empire, and to Saga.

Gresh would later arrive with the Agori leading the way. Exuro would walk into the stand, moderating the fight to come. Saga and Gresh fought after a few brief words. Gresh went after Saga, but Saga managed to stop each move as it came, mentioning that he wished Gresh was his ally. He was even offered a spot in the Empire, which he turned down, to Saga’s chagrin. As they continued, Gresh tore the cloth from Saga’s back, revealing Saga’s greatest weapon: two large drills, which came at him.

Their battle continued, with Gresh being unable to do anything to stop his opponent due to the drills. Any attack he landed did little damage if any to Saga. Gresh managed to inflict a single wound with one of his tonfa against Saga, but the drills continued to force him to keep his distance with every kick he tried. As Exuro congratulated Gresh so far, Gresh managed to use one of the mechanical arms as a platform and perform an axe kick onto Saga's head, forcing him back and returning his drills to his back. As Saga switched to kicks, Gresh questioned if he knew of Certavus, to which Saga responded it was a large war.

Gresh told Saga that he defeated the greatest warrior, and questioned if he could keep up, to which Saga responded he was the master of technique, while Gresh wasn't, that he had some technique, but not enough. Saga said he was technique personified, and couldn't be defeated. Gresh responded with the challenge that he would find a way to win.

Exuro let out a shout when Zendra and a Skrall arrived on a Rock Steed driven cart. The Skrall attempted to hold back Saga, while Zendra and Gresh reunited. Exuro tried to attack both of them, but the two managed to hold his bladed fingers off. Gresh managed to go after Saga once more, but now with power welling up in his body. He unleashed a Heaven's Disaster into Saga's chest, throwing him into the wall. As the three fled, Saga shouted that he was the master of technique, and Gresh was not. Hours after escaping the Empire, Gresh had returned with the others to Roxtus. He paced around, thinking about Saga, how he was able to get up after a Disaster, and about his telling Gresh to obtain more “technique”, despite having Certavus’s repertoire. Gresh began practicing his various acrobatic techniques, and soon saw the Skrall who had saved him. He beckoned for the Skrall to duel him for practice, to the Skrall’s chagrin of potentially killing the wounded Gresh. When Gresh brought up the Skrall’s wounds as a reason not to fight, the Skrall fought him.

During their battle, the Skrall wanted to know why Gresh wanted a fight. Gresh told him that he wanted to learn technique, and fighting like this would give him new insights. The battle was fierce on both ends. The moment one would gain an edge, the other would as well. When the Skrall questioned Gresh if he was done, Gresh responded he had new techniques, thought up on the ride back to Roxtus. The Skrall noticed that Gresh fought with a style that was less graceful, less elegant, and more brutal, and questioned what it was. Gresh responded that it was Muay Thai. As their fierce battle continued, the Skrall took Gresh down, disabling his leg for the time being, and called for medics.

Gresh was taken by medical Agori to the same area as Zendra, who was also healing. He was in danger of dying of blood loss at the moment. He woke soon after at Zendra’s voice, and was introduced to the Skrall, who had been dubbed by Zendra as “Shek”. Gresh agreed that the three of them were comrades-friends-and that they were to become a trio in combat.

Gresh soon traveled to Tajun to fight against their Glatorian, to test himself. He fought Drak first, and after a tug-of-war of battle, he defeated Drak, only for Kiina to leap down to face him next. They each had the drive to defeat the other due to their feelings: Gresh was annoyed with her, and needed to win, and Kiina was upset with him over Zendra. In moments, it was over, and Gresh had won. Tarix began down the stairs to duel him next, speaking of Surel's techniques, which Gresh called an old man's techniques and refused to learn.

Vastus then appeared, shouting at Gresh. He explained he had come to see Gresh train, and had made a good choice in coming, saying that Gresh was killing himself. Gresh didn't believe him, until Vastus told him to look at his chest wounds. He was bleeding, despite Drak's swords being clean of blood. He was opening wounds up through exertion of his body, and like Certavus, was pushing himself into the grave. He was told his own ambition was killing him, not Certavus's techniques. When he said he couldn't defeat Saga, Vastus told him to get over it.

Gresh demanded to fight against Vastus, to which he agreed, apologizing to Tarix for stealing his fight. Tarix had no problems with it, and allowed it to happen. Gresh attacked with rage, doing everything he could, but nothing would work. He went in for the throat, but Vastus stopped his attack with a single finger, telling Gresh he was too focused on his rage to be able to win. Vastus pushed him into the sand, but Gresh couldn't get back up, his muscles wouldn't work. Vastus told him that he had to stop using this Muay Thai style, and to find a new way to fight. Gresh stayed down, watching Vastus depart.

Gresh was being sent on a mission to search for Mata Nui and his missing generals, and was assigned to go with Kiina, to which Zendra showed distaste for. The Skrall, Shek, questioned why he had to go, to which Gresh replied its importance. He also said he was the only one with the skills to go for the time being, and departed.

Gresh and Kiina soon met up. Gresh instantly silenced her, not wanting to talk about Kiina. Kiina corrected him, asking for another chance. He told her that he wouldn’t forgive her for withholding the information from him, and that at least Vastus had told him about the murders. He also told her that Zendra was the only woman he would love, and that Kiina should leave him alone.

Soon, the two met up with the Iron Tribe attackers. They raced into battle, attacking the Iron Tribe. Sahmad noticed this, and focused his attention on Gresh, for their battle in Tesara, and his subsequent departure from Bara Magna at the hands of Vastus.

The battles raged on around Gresh and Sahmad, as Kiina attacked the entire Iron Tribe force.

Kiina soon met up with Mata Nui and his men, and helped them to escape, before going back for Gresh, who had abandoned his weapons, angering Sahmad, and attacked him with his brutal style of fighting. Upon the mention of Saga from Gresh, Sahmad attacked again. He ran Gresh through the gut with his sword, and was scared off when Mata Nui approached, making him flee.

Gresh was taken back by the bodyguard and Kiina for proper healing, while Mata Nui and his men walked.

Gresh was brought back to Roxtus for healing. He was unconscious the entire time, and missed the fighting over him between Kiina and Zendra.

Later, Gresh and Malum were traveling through the desert towards Tesara, going for medical supplies. Malum was joining him so as to get supplies for his people. As the two walked, they spoke of what it meant to be a warrior. Malum continued to insult Gresh by calling him a greenhorn, and telling him that a warrior, no matter what, adapted to anything and everything, upon Gresh's complaint about the heat. He also told Gresh that Atero was no way to determine ability, claiming that Gresh wasn't as good as he thought he was.

As the two continued on, continuing their discussion, they soon came across Vorox corpses, unable to identify what could have killed them. Soon, they found their answer: Guipere of the Order of Seven. Guipere said he knew who Gresh was, but insulted Malum, who promptly raced down to attack him, despite Gresh's shouts. As the two battled, Malum was cocky, claiming that when he killed Guipere, the Order would be over. Guipere said that the Order would always be the sword of the Empire, and would always have a leader.

Malum managed to use some Vorox to hold Guipere off for a few moments while he got into the fight, keeping evenly matched with Guipere's attacks. Soon, he had Guipere on the ground, but would soon be cut down, probably. Gresh told him to rally more men, and if he really was green, it wouldn't matter if he died. Malum got away from Guipere, allowing Gresh to engage him.

Gresh then had a brief battle with Guipere, keeping a little conversation up. The battle was brief, and then, without warning, Guipere fell, dead, with a hole in his back. Gresh shouted to Malum and raced away at the small cliff ahead, looking for the man who killed Guipere.

He soon found Invado, lying like a sniper, taking aim. He was trying to kill all three of them, but only succeeded in killing Guipere, trying to claim dominance in the Order. Gresh attacked him, but was too close when his foe fired. The muzzle flash burned out his right eye, making him collapse in agony. He remembered Malum's words, that a true warrior adapts, believing that he would have to adapt to his blindness.

After returning to Tesara, he sat in the darkness, thinking about Malum's words. He was soon joined by Zendra, who tried to help him to adapt, but in Gresh's rage, he made her leave, showing great anger. She stayed and tried to help him, but when Vastus came and an explosion hit, he showed more anger, trying to get his depth-perception down, but failing.

Gresh was sent on a mission by the military to head to the west to spy on the Empire. Zendra accompanied him to stay close to him, while Kiina accompanied him to try to win him back over, at least for their friendship, if nothing more.

As the group continued through the desert, Gresh stopped, believing he had seen something in the distance, but he lied about it. Zendra called him out on his tell—blinking his left eye twice, now that his right eye was blind and covered over. He said it was no “incident”, as Zendra had called it, but war.

When the women looked for him, neither saw anything.

The three stopped to rest, with Gresh believing something was wrong. Neither of them could feel anything, but soon, the three of them fell through the ground, into an underground cavern.

The three found themselves in a black cave of some sort, with water dripping around. The three managed to find each other in the darkness, and using water dropping around, they managed to determine the distance around the area, and moved around, before they found a door.

Gresh, using his helmet eyepatch, managed to create a form of night vision with his good eye. As they looked around, they managed to find a Skrall insignia on a door. Gresh tried to open the door through force, but couldn’t.

Gresh continued to try to open the gate, but couldn’t. When inquired if he had attempted a Disaster, he said he couldn’t risk it, since it could bring down the entire cavern. When the women told him to do it, he released its power, bringing the door down. The three escaped into a cave above ground, finding themselves trapped in a rubble filled chamber, near the path they had gotten into the underground cavern from, unable to escape.

When Zendra’s chain wouldn’t work to get them out, Gresh was about to try another Disaster, but he collapsed before he could even attempt it, his body too weak to handle it, and his vision blurring. Kiina and Zendra both agreed that it had to be the Disaster’s fault, that Gresh’s vision was being destroyed by it. They begged him to stop, and pondered their escape.

The only plan they had was for one of them to throw Zendra’s dagger through an opening above them and hope they could reflect enough light off of it to get someone to notice. Gresh threw Zendra’s dagger up, hoping for someone to see it. A Skrall saw the light, and fired a Thornax into the cave, freeing Gresh and his group so they could enter the battle.

At the end of the battle, as the Order of Seven member, Magnus, was killed, Gresh intervened to save Tarix, Calif and Perditus from the Elemental Lords, unleashing a Heaven's Disaster to stop the Lords elemental attacks. The four Glatorian fled the scene, unable to possibly fight against the Lords.

When Mata Nui declared that they were going to attack the Empire personally, Gresh went along with him. Upon arrival in the Empire fortress, Gresh attempted to help fight against three of the remaining Order of Seven members and their soldiers, until he saw Saga, and focused on him. Mata Nui's bodyguard stopped him, telling him to protect Mata Nui rather than go after Saga.

After the battle, Mata Nui and his men fled. The Lord of Sand created a sandstorm, drawing Mata Nui, Gresh and Ackar away, and bringing them to robed warriors who awaited them. These figures turned out to be the Sisters of the Skrall, led by Shakra and Fracta.

Mata Nui began to speak to Shakra, as she told him her plans, he told her that he could use his connection with the Great Beings to attempt to find them after he got his body back, if only they would ally with him. They refused, and Shakra told him that she had been using the Empire, and she had no wishes to leave the Empire at this point, not when she could still use them. It turned out that she had been playing them. A few Sisters in her party had not been, and turned on her, only to be killed for their betrayal.

Mata Nui was unable to convince Shakra to join him, unfortunately. She left Fracta to deal with them, and departed. Fracta had gone against her former word to Mata Nui, and prepared to attack.

Fracta sent one other Sister to attack Gresh. He quickly fought her, and was surprised by her hand-to-hand skills. He managed to eventually bring her down, and then went to Ackar's aid against Fracta. The two of them attempted to hold Fracta off, but they were both defeated by her mental abilities. Mata Nui saved them and brought Fracta down, a blade to her throat, demanding allegiance.

As the group pressed on, wary of their new comrade, they eventually ran into Telluris, who wasn't dead. He used his Skopio war machine to attack the group, attempting to murder them all. Gresh decided a Disaster could work, but wasn't able to bring down the machine. In the end, thanks to all of their combined efforts, they were able to bring it down, and Telluris with it.

Ackar put his sword to Telluris's throat, and when he wouldn't submit, and Ackar couldn't kill him, Fracta pushed Ackar's arm to sever the man's throat. The group pressed on after this. As they continued, Gresh informed the others that he was going back to deal with Saga, unable to return to Bara Magna until it was done. Upon returning to the Empire, he saw Glaperov's corpse and Lokaju standing over him. He engaged Lokaju in battle.

Gresh began to question Lokaju about what he had done, but the subject soon changed when Guipere was brought up. Lokaju demanded to know if Gresh had killed his Master, but Gresh said he didn't, and it was actually Invado. Lokaju said he was a master of technique, which Gresh also commented on being. The two began to fight, matching each other for most of the fight, until Lokaju discarded his speed armor.

They stopped their battle as Lokaju departed for a larger building. Gresh followed him, but Lokaju was now using his visual limiting armor to improve his fighting style. The battle continued, nearly killing both warriors in the process. Gresh realized that even though this man was a butler, he was one of the greatest fighters, if not the greatest that Gresh had ever seen.

Gresh managed to use his Heaven's Disaster attack, slamming Lokaju across the room and into a wall. Lokaju was dying and laid in the wall, being questioned about Saga before he died. As Lokaju's life slipped away, Gresh left without a location.

Gresh joined the battle erupting outside, and stopped to question Mata Nui about who was winning. Without getting an answer, he was questioned about Saga. He reported he found the corpse, and fought and killed Lokaju instead, to Fracta's amazement. He raced off into battle until the end, when he returned home.

Abilities and Traits Edit

Gresh possesses incredible speed and agility.  He's a fast learner of any technique, and has a large repertoire of various combatants and their techniques inside his head.  He has the ability to push his body to ridiculous limits for the purpose of some of Certavus's techniques.  He also has been granted power from the Kanohi Ignika, allowing him to use the power of the Heaven's Disaster and release his Ki, along with something much more powerful, stemming from the power of life itself.

His fighting style revolves around speed, agility, and confusing the opponent with acrobatic skills.  He uses his own fighting style, derived from training and watching the Core War at a young age, and, the use of the information from the Book of Certavus, using the legendary Certavus's techniques.

Vastus soon reveals to Gresh that Gresh is overdoing his body. That his Muay Thai combat style is actually killing his body, forcing him to an early death if he would continue. Currently he is blind in his right eye as a result of Invado's muzzle flash, which burned his eye apart.

Weapons Edit

Gresh carries a razor edged shield in the rough shape of a leaf with him.  The shield can split in half to act as two individual tonfa in combat, if needed.  He also carries a Thornax Launcher and explosive Thornax, and on occassion, carries a dagger in combat.