The Holy Spherus Magna Empire was an empire found on Bara Magna.


The Empire first found roots at the end of the Shattering, when Guipere started to preach and lay the groundwork in the immediate aftermath of the disaster, attempting to stop the current fighting that was happening around him.

In the current time, the Elemental Lords now lead the Empire, having found their way into the Empire. The Lords encountered Mata Nui and his Skrall patrol, and battled them, wiping the Skrall out, but departed. Mata Nui gave chase and found his way to the Empire, where he began to battle the first warrior he found, who after a long battle, turned out to be Exuro.

During the battle, a Skrall made himself known. He wore old armor from long ago, showing that he was already at the Empire. A rebellion was breaking out, and his head soon rolled. The battle continued until the Lord of Fire attacked Mata Nui, forcing him to escape with his bodyguard.

The culture of the Empire differs from Bara Magna in many ways. They also have a team of assassins at the head of the Empire known as the Order of Seven. Guipere, the leader of the Order, declared war against Bara Magna.

At one point, Vastus led a force of Skrall into the Empire to do as much damage as he could, as a suicide mission. They infiltrated the main city and attacked a tower, where they engaged Intorqueo in battle, and everyone in the unit except Vastus was slain.

After many battles inside and outside of the Empire, only Invado remains within the Order, with all others dead. The Elemental Lords have since abandoned the Empire in favor of their own plans, leaving the Empire to stand on its own against Mata Nui's army at their gates.

During the battle outside of the gates, Invado was slain, ending the threat of the Order of Seven. As a result of the victory for Bara Magna, the Empire surrendered. Some joined Bara Magna, some remained loyal and were slaughtered, and yet others fled, making the Empire defunct.


The Empire is located west of the "Bara Magna Empire" that Mata Nui leads. It is separated by miles and mountains, and beyond the Great Being's Lab.

Locations in the EmpireEdit

  • Church
  • Arena entrance
  • Order Chamber
  • Church Tower


  • The Empire is based on the Holy Roman Empire of our actual history.