Iconox is the Ice Tribe on Bara Magna.  Led by Congelo, their Glatorian are few, and their tribe is plagued with recent deaths of most of their Glatorian, resulting from treachery stemming from the Skrall.  Their former pride was Certavus, who was then replaced as primary Glatorian by Gelu, and then, more recently, Strakk.  Their current secondary is Halix, who is also their only true Glatorian.  Their trainee was Urik, who was in turn, killed. Currently many Skrall reside in the city to protect it, which unnerves the populace to the point where Gresh and Zendra came just to put their minds at ease. Eventually because of the isolation, Halix went insane and tried to kill everyone to end the war without realizing what he was doing.
Iconox Stairs

Iconox is located to the northwestern part of the established Bara Magna.  It resides hidden in the mountains, and is the coldest of the villages, even giving an ice covered arena.  Their Agori are miners, and promoters of Glatorian on occasion.

List of inhabitants: Edit

Congelo (leader)

Certavus (former primary Glatorian, deceased)

Gelu (former primary Glatorian, deceased)

Strakk (former primary Glatorian, deceased)

Halix (former secondary Glatorian, deceased)

Urik (former trainee Glatorian, deceased)

Metus (trainer and promoter Agori)

Kirbold ("adventurer" Agori)

Surel (former soldier, presumed deceased warrior, in self imposed exile)

"Urik" (trainee)