Kirbold is a strange Agori from the Ice Tribe.
Art Kirbold

Early Life

Kirbold's early life remains mostly unknown. It can be assumed he worked support for his army during the Core War, but other than that, not much is known.

Bara Magna

After the Shattering, Kirbold found his way to what became Iconox, and settled in with his fellow Agori.

Red Star

While helping to get Arena Magna ready for the Grand Tournament, Kirbold's companion Tarduk found a strange object. This object led Kirbold, Tarduk, and their other companion, Crotesius, on a long trip through Bara Magna's north-west, through Iconox, and into the unknown.

On the way, they encountered Surel, thought to be long dead. They also learned about the survival of the Elemental Lords, and the feud currently going on between the six of them. They were nearly killed multiple times by Lords and other dangers present through the uncharted areas of Bara Magna.

After a trip lasting many days, the three companions arrived at the end of the Valley of the Maze, and at the Great Being's Lab. They didn't stay long, and never truly solved the mystery. Kirbold eventually returned home to Iconox as his companions reached the village again.

Some time later, Strakk hired Kirbold to pursue Metus and check in on him to be sure he was or wasn't the traitor to the Skrall. His search was inconclusive.

Later, during the Baterra attack on Iconox, he was the one to realize it was Surel who was helping to keep the Baterra at bay.

Abilities and Traits

Kirbold was described as "a creep" by Tarduk. He keeps to himself and doesn't say much, but is a trustworthy man.


Kirbold carries a dagger.