Kryr is an Agori guard in Vulcanus.
477px-Agori Kyry

Early Life

Kryr served his Elemental Lord in the Core War and supported his corresponding army.

Bara Magna

Kryr found his way to the area that became Vulcanus after the Shattering. He became a warrior for the village, and became a village guardian.

On one occasion, shortly after the Shattering, Kryr stood guard and barred Exuro's way. Exuro tried to speak to him, to get into the village, but Kryr kept him out. Ackar came to his aid and allowed Exuro in, though he had to surrender his weapons to Kryr, who later returned them.

He once met Mata Nui, who he nearly refused into the village, but soon allowed passage to.

Abilities and Traits

Kryr is a fierce warrior and a stubborn guard for Vulcanus.


Kryr carries a sword and a shield.