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Medicus was the insane and twisted medic of the Order of Seven in the Holy Spherus Magna Empire.

Early LifeEdit

Medicus's early life is completely unknown. He was presumably a medic over a soldier.

Bara MagnaEdit

After the Shattering, he found his way not to Tajun, but rather, to the Empire. He soon became the primary medic of the Order of Seven as soon as it was established, becoming a man who would endow powers upon those selected as the elite of the elite.

In the current Order, he gave Guipere his sword, Intorqueo his illusion powers and mutated form, Invado's rifle, Fornicatus's bow and armor enhancements, Saga's drills and nerve-wired greaves, Amipal's flesh grafted armor and arms, and Magnus's grafted armor.

When the Sisters of the Skrall joined the Empire, Medicus created weaponry for Shakra, two mental weapons keyed into Fracta as prototypes. These would be the only such weapons he would make for the Sisters.

He went over the top on Intorqueo's form, which became his pet project. As a result, a number of the Order began to hate the medic as a result of his over the top nature, as well as looking out for their comrade.

After Intorqueo lost to Vastus and was dying, Medicus saved him and repaired his life support. He began to heal Intorqueo, which brought the rest of the Order to his door, waiting to see if he was fine. Medicus refused to let them in and said he would finish up. When he didn't come out, the rest of the Order flooded inside and secured their comrade.

After Guipere's death, Medicus handled his autopsy, believing death to be from a Vorox tail strike.

He would later be tinkering when a troop of Skrall burst into his chamber, sent to assassinate him. He tried his best, floating away with his jets, using his tools as weapons, but eventually he was run through before his backup could arrive, and he died by the hands of the Skrall, all of whom escaped with their lives.

Abilities and TraitsEdit

Medicus was twisted and insane. He liked to tinker, and would do anything to tinker with an interesting, living subject. He lived only to experiment, to break the threshold on what had already been done, and what else he believed that he could do. He was over the top, such as with Intorqueo, and is proven as somewhat untrustworthy.


Medicus had an energy spanner and a scissors based tool.