Outer Shadow was formerly a top secret weapons lab during the Core War.

The FacilityEdit

The facility used an emblem on armor as a "badge" for its personnel. The design was a twisting, cross. The ends of the cross each bent counterclockwise at sharp angles, carving into the central points of the cross. Outer Shadow was considered to be a rumor by most. Only the fastest vehicles could reach it. Even then, it took years to reach. Most often when being sent to Outer Shadow, a teleportation system created by the Great Beings would be used.

Outer Shadow was located on the opposite side of the planet as the Bara Magna and Holy Spherus Magna Empire civilizations. It was in the former domain of the Elemental Lord of Water, at the Great Ocean. It was a base that was located on a long peninsula. This peninsula was covered in razor plants and trees, keeping it very safe. A fortress of the strongest steel had been positioned just shy of the end of the peninsula. The end of it was covered in a thin layer of the protective flora, but very safe, even when thin. The fortress was large, but not tall. It went underground, through twisting tunnel systems, moving in towards the main landmass, and down to spots where the ocean wasn’t. The fortress was created as a research facility, and used the twisting paths to confuse anyone who could possibly get inside. Even an Elemental Lord. The weaponry being created there at the end years of the Core War were very powerful. Most were biological weapons, targeting specific tribes and warriors by getting samples of DNA, such as by blood. These weapons would eradicate swarms of enemy soldiers. The Lords, however, put an end to these weapons by actually attacking the compound. The Outer Shadow facility was attacked by the Lords of Water and Sand. They stormed inside, somehow, and instantly wiped out any resistance. This was a well known story. But afterwords, they quickly became lost. They didn’t know where to go, didn’t know what to do. With so much weaponry inside the facility, either could have been killed at that point. Both fled without doing any damage, however.
The facility was too feared. There were too many weapons, too many soldiers knowing how to use them. Other weaponry designed were large scaled explosives, capable of wiping out the internal systems of anyone. They were designed to use shockwaves to incinerate and melt the insides of their opponents, on a giant scale. It was designed to strike enemy encampments from bases for the armies of the Lords of Fire and Ice, who created the facility.


  • Moment's Reprieve
  • Swords that could cut anything
  • Maces that could disrupt molecular structure for a kill at a simple touch

Former MembersEdit