Roxtus is the Rock Tribe village on Bara Magna.  Led by Tuma, the vicious Skrall took up residence here in the year they were around the other villages.  The village is only to be used by the Skrall and allies (such as the Bone Hunters , and anyone with one of their passes).  When Mata Nui went there to fight Tuma, the village erupted into turmoil, and Mata Nui became the new leader of the village.
Skrall in Roxtus

Located to the established northeast of Bara Magna, it is mostly out of the way.  While Tuma controlled it, the only real contact they ever had was sending Skrall to fight in the different villages.

Now that Mata Nui leads the Skrall, he controls Roxtus. Roxtus has become the hub of the "Bara Magna Empire", and the main meeting place of Mata Nui and his commanders in the army of Bara Magna.

List of inhabitants: Edit

Tuma (former leader, deceased)

Mata Nui (leader, only on occasion will he actually occupy the village)

The Skrall (species)

Atakus (Agori guard)