Seiza is a Fire Tribe Agori Commando for the Holy Spherus Magna Empire.

Early LifeEdit

Seiza was once support in the Fire Tribe soldiers in the Core War. Chances are he tried to fight.

Bara MagnaEdit

After the Shattering, Seiza found his way to the Holy Spherus Magna Empire. When the Agori Commandos were established, he joined with them, joining in suicide attacks, like the job was supposed to, any time he needed to. He obtained many scars and burns as a result, and is in constant pain.

During the war with Bara Magna, he acted as a sort of teacher to Glaperov, who realized he needed to heed Seiza's words: get stronger, or die. In a fight in the arena between the two of them, Seiza was easily defeating Glaperov, until Glaperov realized what he had to do, and fought back with more ferocity than ever before, defeating the veteran warrior quickly with his new resolve. To test him, Seiza had two others fight him, only to see Glaperov win.

As Glaperov fought some more, and started to nearly kill his foe, Seiza intervened, preventing a murder. He told Glaperov that the enemies were in the area, and they should go after them, and Mata Nui specifically. Glaperov said he didnt' want to die yet, not that way, even though a Commando was to do suicidal jobs.

Abilities and TraitsEdit

Seiza is a very serious person, and a veteran of conflicts past. He takes his duty, as well as the duty of all Commandos, seriously, as if it were life or death. He is willing to throw his life away at a moment's notice for the glory of the Empire, and for his job.


Like all Commandos, Seiza has arm mounted blades.