Shek is a Skrall, his name given to him by Zendra.

Early LifeEdit

Shek was part of the Skrall armies during the Core War, helping to conquer the planet. When the Baterra were unleashed, he became part of Tuma's army.

Bara MagnaEdit

After the Shattering, Shek followed Tuma and fought in his army. He helped in the battle at Atero, and was present when Tuma dueled Mata Nui. He was drafted into Mata Nui's army of Skrall.

Holy Spherus Magna EmpireEdit

Shek was present in Iconox when the war began. He helped to fight off the enemy Vorox and Agori Commandos. When an assassination attempt struck Zendra, he was the one with Halix to try to help her while medics arrived. After she had been healed, he took her with him to the Empire, tracking down Gresh.

Shek fought off Saga while Gresh was recovering. As Gresh returned to deal one more blow to Saga, the three escaped and returned to Roxtus a few hours later. In Roxtus, Gresh wanted to fight him, to try his new techniques. Shek grudgingly accepted the battle, and fought fiercely, just like Gresh. In the end, he defeated Gresh and could have put him out of the war if he had wished, should they have been enemies. While Gresh was being healed, Shek went to Zendra and spoke with her, being given a name to signify their friendship, which was soon shared by Gresh, and became a trio with them for combat. Gresh was being sent on a mission to search for Mata Nui and his missing generals, and was assigned to go with Kiina, to which Zendra showed distaste for. The Skrall, Shek, questioned why he had to go, to which Gresh replied its importance. He also said he was the only one with the skills to go for the time being, and departed.

When Gresh was brought back to Roxtus, Shek took his body away while Kiina and Zendra argued.

Abilities and TraitsEdit

Shek is a strong willed warrior, as well as one who cares about his comrades. He is unfamiliar with the concept of friends, or just uncomfortable with it.


Shek carries the normal Skrall weaponry.