The Skopio is a powerful machine of war created by Telluris.

775px-CGI Skopio XV-1

Telluris built the weapon after the plague destroyed his tribe. He hid in the deserts with it, unable to be defeated or challenged by anyone else. He had no equal because of it.

He later battled against Mata Nui, Kiina, Zendra, Vastus and Gresh. The combined efforts of these warriors brought the Skopio down. It later returned on their return trip, minus Gresh and Vastus. Mata Nui brought it down thanks to the powers of life-rusting the machine. It was presumably destroyed in the rockslide created after the rusting.

The weapon was rebuilt after Telluris joined the Holy Spherus Magna Empire. Using it, Telluris attacked Mata Nui, Gresh, Ackar and Fracta, only to be killed this time, and for the vehicle to be destroyed.