Stronius was a Special Corp. Skrall warrior, and one of Tuma's top warriors.
542px-CGI Skrall Stronius

Early Life Edit

Prior to the Shattering, Stronius served as a warrior in the standing militia of the Elemental Lords of Rock. Once the Core War broke out, Stronius was serving under Tuma's leadership in combat.

Stronius was by his leader's side during all meetings with other Leaders, and the Lord. When Tuma's forces saw the death around them, and his scouts were coming back wounded, Stronius destroyed a machine that had been pursuing them. The war continued, and Tuma's forces continued on, assimilating any Skrall remnants into their army, up until the Shattering hit.

Bara Magna Edit

Following the Shattering, Stronius located himself with Tuma and the other Skrall in Roxtus, but didn't participate in the social system-or show their existence, for 99,999 years. Following this, Stronius's master-also using the name Stronius, went out as a scout. He met and was killed by Vastus and his Heaven's Disaster.

This Stronius acted as a guard for Tuma's guard in the palace at Roxtus. He met Gresh there, and allowed him to escape with his life. He then was part of a mission to see how the uncovering of the Book of Certavus was going, and met with the team leader.

Following this incident, Tuma ordered Stronius to his chamber after Gresh made off with the Book. He was then charged with dealing with a Skrall that disobeyed orders. He was later present when Tajun sent out a request for a tag-team battle against the Skrall.

Stronius was then part of a team assembled by Tuma to go and beg the Sisters of the Skrall for their assistance. He was attacked by their mental attacks, but the deal was struck, allowing them to return to Roxtus for the time being.

Stronius was dispatched to Atero for the Grand Tournament, and at this time, taking orders from Branar, Tuma's bodyguard. He went and signed in with another Skrall, and watched the battles for the time being. He killed the other Skrall in a match, and then, defeated Kiina, Strakk, and then had one match against Gresh in the finals.

He easily defeated Gresh in their battle, and started to attack. Various Glatorian challenged him, until he was about to kill Zendra. Vastus intervened, and began fighting him off as long as he could. Strakk attacked him for revenge, but was killed. The other Glatorian in the arena joined the fight, and eventually, brought the Skrall down.

Vastus, after a few words, and being compared to a Skrall, killed Stronius.

Abilities and Traits Edit

Stronius is swift and immensely strong as a result of his breed. He's a brutal combatant, but also one who sees reason, and the occasional shred of honor. He follows orders rigidly, and knows when best to see into the hearts of another, and look for their inner Skrall.

Weapons Edit

Stronius carried a Thornax Launcher, a large spiked club, and on one occasion, a long knife.