Surel is a lost soldier from the Ice Tribe.

Early Life

Surel fought for the army under the Elemental Lord of Ice during the Core War. He was always considered a ghost during the war, many believed that he didn't exist. Strakk once said that multiple parties were sent out to search for him, but none ever found him. On one occasion he sent his Iron Wolves to support Zendra and deal with Akida, Certavus and Gelu. He later joined the fight against Certavus, ending in a draw. This rivalry would carry on long past Certavus's death, into their pupils.

Bara Magna

After the Shattering, Surel was deemed deceased. In truth, he survived deep in the White Quartz Mountains, close to Iconox but never entering it. His Wolves saved him, helped to feed him. They kept him alive. After one hundred thousand years, Tarix and Strakk went too far into the Mountains and encountered him, badly wounded, battered, and with a bad leg. He was about to kill them, but Strakk managed to talk their way out with talk of the Core War. He was eventually influenced into training the two warriors.

After much training, he taught both warriors how to use a staff based fighting style. He let them go, wondering if either could surpass Vastus or Gresh, the "students" of Certavus.

Later he met with Kirbold, Crotesius and Tarduk as they searched for the mystery of the Great Beings. He protected them from the battles of the Elemental Lords, and told them about the battle between the still alive Lords. He bid them farewell after that.

After the coming of Mata Nui, he used his Wolves to protect Iconox's walls from the Baterra that attacked the village.

Holy Spherus Magna Empire

After Mata Nui allied the tribes with the Skrall, Congelo sent out patrols to search for Surel, but none ever found him.

Abilities and Traits

Surel is a very skilled warrior, his skills nearly unmatched. He is amazing with animals, able to tame large amounts of Iron Wolves with ease. After so many years in isolation, he speaks differently, reflecting that. He was-and still is-a very honorable warrior, one who fought on principals.


Surel carries a walking stick and a dagger.  In the war he carried a staff.