Telluris was an insane warrior from the decimated Iron Tribe on Bara Magna.

Early Life Edit

Formerly a member of the Iron Tribe, the tribe was nearly wiped out by a plague.  Only a few members survived.  Telluris was one.

Being an inventor, he worked on a machine of war-the Skopio.  With this walking tank, he stalked the deserts, searching for anyone foolish enough to challenge him.  He would destroy caravans and butcher anyone in his way, gaining fame and infamy-depending on who you talked to.

At one time, he led an attack on a Fire Tribe caravan and stole the Moment's Reprieve.

Bara MagnaEdit

One hundred thousand years after the Shattering, Telluris encountered a group composed of Vastus, Gresh, Zendra, Kiina, and Mata Nui.  He engaged the team and quickly started to defeat them.  Eventually, Vastus learned a trick to defeating it.  He used Zendra's chain to swing up to the main body of the tank, and used his Heaven's Disaster to cripple the tank.

He slunk away with his Skopio and started to repair it.  Hours later, when the Glatorian-minus Gresh and Vastus-returned, he engaged them once more.  Mata Nui learned a new way to defeat the tank, and used the life powers of his Ignika to rust the tank over, allowing them to escape while Telluris was unable to fight back.  As he tried to flee, Mata Nui-at Zendra's urging-used the power of life.

Telluris was struck and aged rapidly.  He slumped over his controls and was presumed dead.  Mata Nui brought boulders coming down on the Skopio, burying it and leaving it with Telluris's aged corpse within.

Holy Spherus Magna EmpireEdit

It turns out, however, that Telluris wasn't dead. He was aged to near death, but alive. He managed to get to the Empire, and join with them. Using his allegiance, he had the Skopio rebuilt, and awaited the chance for revenge. Eventually he attempted to attain it, when he saw Mata Nui, Gresh, Ackar and Fracta moving through the desert away from the Empire.

He attacked the lot of them, attempting to kill them all, claiming his allegiance to the Empire. He was, however, overpowered thanks to Fracta and Mata Nui, and was killed when Fracta pushed Ackar's sword into Telluris's throat.

Abilities and Traits Edit

Telluris was vastly insane, and a member of the Glatorian's species.  He was a skilled warrior early on prior to his insanity at being one of the last of his people.  He was a brilliant inventor, building the Skopio tank himself, built after the monstrous beast that his people once revered. He eventually joined the Empire, and found their faith, and was a stern believer.