Tesara is the Jungle Tribe village on Bara Magna.  Led by Folium, it has the Glatorian of Vastus, Gresh, and Verin fighting

for it.  It's located to the western side of the main inhabited area of Bara Magna.
Tesara Stairs

The village itself is humid, yet shady and cool.  It's filled with herbs and plants, and their Agori are usually healers.  Their Glatorian use acrobatics, and are usually champions, in the cases of Vastus and Gresh.

List of inhabitants:

Folium (leader)

Vastus (primary Glatorian)

Gresh (secondary Glatorian)

Verin (trainee Glatorian)

Akida (former trainee Glatorian, deceased)

Tarduk (Agori scavenger)