Urik was a Glatorian trainee in the employ of Iconox.

Urik 1

Early Life

Nothing is known about his involvement in the Core War other than that he fought in it.

Bara Magna

Sometime after the Shattering, Urik found his way to Iconox and into the employ of the then leader of the village.

After Congelo became leader of the village at some point, the two became close friends.

One hundred thousand years later, during the current Grand Tournament, he entered battle against Drak of Tajun in a battle of trainees.  He fought fiercely, but was soon defeated by the Tajun warrior, and when he wouldn't surrender, he was killed.  His death was justified, and overlooked.

Abilities and Traits

Urik's abilities aren't very well known.  To be a trainee after so long, they must have been subpar.  He was a close friend of Congelo's, who wept after his death.  Urik was a brave fighter who would go until the end, which is what took him to his death.


Urik carried a serrated broadsword in battle.