Verin is a trainee Glatorian for Tesara.

Verin 1

Early Life

Much of his early life is unknown, but it is known he fought as a soldier in the Core War.

Bara Magna

Following the Shattering, he found his way to what became Tesara. He joined as a trainee and trained long and hard, trying to push his rank up, but failing.

After one hundred thousand years, Sahmad arrived in the village. He fought the warrior, but was defeated and imprisoned until Vastus saved him. He later fought in the Grand Tournament, but was quickly defeated. He joined against the Skrall attack, and is currently in his home village of Tesara.

Holy Spherus Magna Empire

During the war against the Empire, Verin eventually joined a team consisting of Calif, Drak and Urik along with a handful of Skrall, at a fortification to the north of Bara Magna. As Calif spoke about his quest for the Moment's Reprieve, and about the dangers encountered along the way, the trainees all shared stories and spoke, making Calif their leader. Invado of the Order of Seven led an attack on the fortress, sending his warriors to attack. As the Skrall went to meet the force head on, the trainees utilized Thornax Launchers and their supply of the explosive fruits to try to keep the enemies at bay, but eventually, they were lost, and forced to flee.

Abilities and Traits

Verin is a young, unaccomplished warrior who tends to have doubts about his abilities, despite having fought in the Core War.  He's skilled with ordinary weapons, but uses an extravagant one, just because he can.

He can be a bit vain, in the case of his weapon, but otherwise, has his heart in the right place.


Verin carries a spinning blade weapon and a Thornax Launcher.