The Vorox species are the reverted, bestial warriors of the Sand Tribe.  Most of them are currently led by the exiled Glatorian, Malum.


The Vorox were proud warriors. When the Great Beings arrived, they were experimented on and given animalistic traits, including their stinger tails. The Vorox took these changes with pride and fought in the Core War in multiple armies, being one of the largest tribes. They were amazing warriors, but after the Shattering, they devolved mentally. They became beasts.

Malum eventually defeated a few alpha-males and became leader of many Vorox. The Sand Tribe became extinct as a tribe, but exists as nomadic figures through the desert world of Bara Magna. They would be used for anything, including attacks on Bone Hunters, and used as an attack force for Malum while fighting the Skrall army. With Malum joining Mata Nui's Bara Magna Empire, the Vorox are now a bulk of the available soldiers.

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The Holy Spherus Magna Empire also has a group of tamed Vorox, which wear white armor to blend in as they attack Iconox.

More were later sent to continue attacking Bara Magna, wearing speed based armor, allowing them to speed up in battle, so as to arrive at Bara Magna faster than usual. Kijori fought a handful, and with the help of Malum's, they fell.

Abilities and Traits

After being experimented on, the Vorox species became faster, stronger, more resilient. They have animalistic instincts and abilities. Once they were proud warriors, but devolved mentally and broke down into actual beasts.


Most Vorox wield spears, swords and their stinger tails in battle, as well as their helmet pincers.