Vulcanus is the Fire Tribe village on Bara Magna.  It was formerly led by the traitorous Raanu, and is currently lead by Crotesius.  The village has many Glatorian over its period of existence.  Their prime Glatorian is Ackar, former secondary was Exuro, and Malum.  Their current secondary is Zendra, a trainee named Calif, and, a vehicle pilot Glatorian named Perditus

Vulcanus Stairs

Vulcanus is a heated location in the southeast.  The hottest of the villages, their Agori evolved to deal with the heat.  It was the frequent target of Bone Hunter attacks, prior to Raanu's death.

List of inhabitants: Edit

Raanu (former leader, deceased)

Crotesius (leader)

Kryr (guard Agori)

Ackar (prime Glatorian)

Zendra (secondary Glatorian)

Calif (trainee Glatorian)

Perditus (vehicle pilot Glatorian)

Malum (former secondary Glatorian, exiled)

Exuro (former secondary Glatorian, exiled, deceased)